Smart Capital ^ Social Capital

IIM-CAN provides a Funding Ecosystem for Startups to find Resilience and Growth in a Socially-Rich Network

Entrepreneurs face a lot of issues when it comes to fundraising and we felt the need for a way to address this at scale.

So, we have come together and got this initiative started.

IIM-CAN aims to make the whole Angel Investing process a little bit smoother than it is at present. Besides that, IIM-CAN will also facilitate the funded startups to gain Traction and will be Exit-focused for the Angels from the beginning.

We support and guide startups in the following stages

  • An Investment Process
  • A Growth Process
  • An Exit Process

How We Select

We use the HIS Framework TM to discover high potential startup

The Hackstrap Investability Score (HIS) is the single metric for startups to gauge their future funding success and for the investors to help identify promising startups.


We at IIM-CAN recognize that even though getting Angel Funding is a major milestone for entrepreneurs, the journey is still fraught with the danger of premature startup demise. So, to ensure the survival and growth of the small "baby" into a vigorous young one we have created this whole IIM-CAN Ecosystem.

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